Friday, January 6, 2012

For cripes sake...

Flashbacks to my youth continue to hit me from time to time. I know that's hard to believe as my youth was about fifty years ago now.
I was writing on my laptop while Kate & Thomas were playing together on the floor in the living room. Kate had set up a combination of little people and Polly Pockets city. Thomas joined in playing with her.
Now, I'll prefix this with the note that Barenaked Ladies is one of our families favorite bands. They have some crazy songs and some CD's have live versions of their songs. One of them, the lead singer, Ed Robertson, talks about a lady he met prior to the show. She asked him for directions to the Bryant Street Theater. Not being from that city, he said he didn't know. The old ladies response was, "Oh, for Christ sake!" We listen to their CD's often so I guess it is ingrained into us and the kids without our knowing it.
Fast forward to Polly Pocket city and both Thomas & Kate are singing, which I love. Then both together they say, in Ed Robertson accent, "Oh, for Christ sake!"
Being the catholic that I am, I started to stand up and talk to them. I calmed myself first and then said, "You know, we really shouldn't say that because we're not supposed to take the Lord's name in vain. And that is really doing that. Even though he says that on the song, we shouldn't."
Thomas said, "I'm sorry." I told him that was okay as he didn't really know it was wrong. I wasn't mad but was just telling them for future reference.
Now, flashback to me as a ten year old. I remember distinctly being in our basement, working on something while my Mom was hanging up laundry. I don't remember what was wrong but I said, "Ah, for cripes sake!" Now, I didn't even say Christ but my Mom would have none of that.
She came over to me and said, "We don't say that about the Lord!"
Being the wise guy, I was and still am, I said, "But, I didn't say the word. I said Cripes!"
She said, "It doesn't matter."
So, I didn't say that again and really never swore until I had kids. The I had good reason to swear. (Just kidding.)
What goes around, comes around. And for the record, I never did say it again.