Thursday, September 30, 2010

and sometimes the PC is not your friend

We've been having some internet issues for over a week now. On our desktop, we couldn't access the internet. I called our local Internet provieder and asked for help. They came and found a short in one of the wires. He replaced it and we fired up the old PC and... nothing happened.

Eventually, my favorite IT guy, Jeff, suggested I do a System Restore and choose a date in the past where all worked well, and try that. I did and (as my Mom used to say) TA-DA! It worked! The only two days I was happier were when Thomas and Kate were born. Okay, that was an exaggeration, only a slight one however.

Thomas, the always inquisitive and verbal, asked me a question, that made me laugh and think. He said, "Daddy, if you went back in time to fix the computer, won't the same problem happen again in a couple days?"

Quite true. And as a matter of fact, it DID happen again. The rotten kid was right. I'll be back, I have to do another system restore.

I knew this day was coming

The other day, Kate and I were chatting in her room. It was early morning and we were planning out our day.

Once we made our plan of attack for the day, It was time to get out of our jammies and get going.

Kate looked at me and said "Can I have some privacy please?"

I looked at her for a second and realized we reached a different stage in life. My little girl is growing up and there's nothing I can do to stop it. So, I have to step back and watch. Of course, not while she's getting dressed though.